PROOF cancels NFT conference, Bitcoin meme creator cashes in $150K and more

“Less interest than expected” — PROOF cancels NFT events

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Kevin Rose, co-founder of non-fungible token (NFT) collection Moonbirds, canceled flagship conference Proof of Conference scheduled for May, citing “lower than expected interest” Confirmed.

The conference was first announced in early November. It was scheduled to take place in May. November to May. Los Angeles on the 13th.

But Rose explained in a February 20 letter to ticket holders that it wasn’t the “right time” for the conference.

“As you know, timing is everything in the world of NFTs.

Rose explained that he and his PROOF team considered alternatives, such as choosing a new location in Los Angeles where the event was to be held, reducing the scope of the event and lowering ticket prices.

But in the end, it was best to cancel the entire event.

“After weeks of sales data, conversations with potential sponsors, and conversations with community members, it’s clear that interest in events like this is currently much lower than expected.”

Rose confirmed that Ether (ETH) refunds are currently being processed and PROOF has a claim page for submitting non-refundable flight cancellations.

A message from Kevin Rose and the PROOF Team regarding the cancellation of the PROOF of Conference. sauce. evidence.

The event was supposed to feature Michael “Beeple” Winkelmann, the artist behind the famous NFT, which sold for $69 million in March 2021. others.

The announcement comes despite a surge in the NFT market in recent months, especially in January, when monthly NFT trading volume surpassed $1 billion, an eight-month high.

Artist Paid $150,000 For Ordinal Bitcoin Wizard Meme

The emergence of NFT-like “ordinals” in Bitcoin last month brought a series of meme images to the network, including the famous Bitcoin wizard meme that first made the rounds on the Bitcoin subreddit in 2013. .

Thanks to Ordinals, the meme artist known as “Mavensbot” received 6 Bitcoins (BTC) worth $150,000 at the current price of his iconic work.

This means that blockchain research analyst Udi Wertheimer and meme-inspired Bitcoin community Taproot Wizard will not only “celebrate the 10th anniversary of his art,” but will also raise some cash for the creator of the meme. To do so, it became possible after imprinting a wizard meme on Bitcoin. According to Wertheimer, “Mavensbot”:

In just the first three hours, 6 Bitcoins (BTC) were sent from the “NFT fans” to Mavensbot via the Lightning Network.

“Seeing this made me really happy. The NFT community I respect, using Bitcoin assets and the Lightning Network, which I believe in, to support artists who mean a lot to me. ”

“You love to see it,” he added.

Taproot Wizards is part of a movement that wants to “Make Bitcoin Magical Again” with the magical Internet JPEGs immortalized on the Bitcoin blockchain.

However, Wertheimer emphasized that not everyone is on board with the whole concept of ordinal numbers, especially “bitcoin maximalists.”

But Wertheimer doubled down and called on Bitcoin maximalists not to take the whole thing too seriously.

“It’s time to get back to the Bitcoin Wizard spirit of 2013. Playfulness, experimentation, innovation. Not taking yourself seriously all the time. HAVING FUN, for Satoshi. With the ordinals, the final I truly believe that we will have the opportunity to do this in the future.”

Australian cocktail bar launches NFT membership program

Australian cocktail and NFT enthusiasts have been given a new haunt in Sydney. This is where non-fungible token (NFT) holders can access additional privileges at the bar.

Sydney-based cocktail bar Bar Lulu opened on February 21, local time, along with an NFT Members Club bar named Cryptolulu.

Based in Sydney and overlooking the city’s harbor, patrons will need to purchase an NFT Member Club Bar on the NFT marketplace OpenSea on the Ethereum network in order to access certain privileges.

NFT artist credits: Arturo Rodriguez and Mark Monfort. Source: Bahlul.

There are three types of tokens that can be purchased: jiaruru, juururu, and ryururu.

Each NFT represents a different tier of membership and unlocks unique tiered rewards, priorities and perks.

Token holders will be able to attend various Web3 networking events and educational sessions, as well as access to exclusive private lounges and dinners.

Bar Lulu claims its NFT membership program is the first in Australia.

Barr added that the launch is the result of months of seeing how similar experiments have performed in the overseas hospitality sector.

Former Amazon exec launches Yelp-like platform to review NFTs

Former Amazon and Starbucks exec Ben Straley launched Thred, an NFT startup that aims to be the Yelp, Tripadvisor, or Zillow of the NFT industry.

NFT-focused startup Thred will launch on Feb. 16 to help users find and review NFT collectibles, according to one person. report From TechCrunch.

A screenshot of the current Thred homepage. sauce: thread.

Straley’s foray into the NFT space builds on 25 years of leadership roles in digital products and customer experience.

Thred’s platform combines automated machine learning and algorithms to rank NFTs on Etherum and Polygon networks.

This will help potential buyers better understand the significance of their collection and distinguish which NFTs are legitimate.

Other nifty news

After a month of NFT-like “ordinal” mania in Bitcoin, a protocol fork occurred that enabled Ordinal on the Litecoin network. Anthony Guerrera, his engineer at Australian Software, said it was “very simple” and that the 22 LTC bounty motivated him to create the fork.

Real Vision CEO and co-founder Raoul Pal also said on Feb. 20 that NFTs could perform similarly to high-end real estate in the traditional economy and could outperform Ethereum (ETH) in a bull market. rice field.

A former JP Morgan executive explained that NFT collections such as CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) have become status symbols, much like luxury cars and luxury homes, and expects that trend to continue.