Polygon, Immutable zkEVM to tackle ‘huge incumbents exploiting players’

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Game developers are looking for a new platform for building Web3 games. A partnership between Polygon Labs and Immutable launches a new zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM).

Through this partnership, two Ethereum Layer 2 companies will create “Immutable zkEVM”. This is zkEVM powered by Polygon (MATIC) fully supported by Immutable’s Web3 game development platform.

Scheduled to launch in mainnet beta on March 27th, Polygon’s zkEVM will batch large amounts of transaction data into a single transaction, validate it, and make it visible on the Ethereum network. The same technology is used in Immutable’s zkEVM solution.

Ryan Wyatt, president of Polygon Labs, told Cointelegraph that the technology will free game developers from devoting resources to building games on-chain, allowing them to focus on building “great games.” rice field.

“This greatly simplifies developer choices and allows them to focus on what really matters: dealing with the huge incumbents who are exploiting players every day.”

In a separate statement, Immutable co-founder and president Robbie Ferguson said billions of dollars worth of in-game skins are sold without player rights each year.

“We’re changing the expectation of ownership so that the player has control,” he said.

Wyatt told Cointelegraph that the partnership came about despite the fact that Immutable and Polygon Labs were competing, saying that the technology “aligned us very quickly” and ” It’s been good for gamers and game developers,” he added.

A ChainPlay survey of blockchain gamers last August found that 81% prioritized a positive and enjoyable in-game experience after 89% reported losing money in the crypto winter of 2022. clarified.

Right now, developers are focusing too much on how to “actually build games on-chain,” according to Wyatt, and away from “making really great games.”

“You don’t really have to worry about the infrastructure stack and these different parts of game development,” he said. “This should be easy. It should be very easy to plug and play.”

The testnet is expected to be released at the end of Q2, and “some” interfaces for building on zkEVM will be available on March 20th. MATIC is a “staking token” and Immutable’s IMX token is a “core gas currency”.

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Ferguson said he chose to build an Ethereum-based gaming ecosystem. […] Rather than trying to compete directly with Ethereum.”

“The right way to get the next billion players is not by competing with Ethereum, but by building on top of it and scaling it,” he said, citing Web3 games as successful “breakouts.” If so, he added, cryptocurrencies could triple monthly users “overnight.” ” game title.

“What it needs is an incredibly seamless infrastructure and a platform that allows users to take true ownership of their items without even knowing that under the hood is Web3.”

Ferguson added that he hopes the success of the platform will mean that “digital property rights for games will become the norm” and that games will be owned by “all players, not giant corporations.”