Fujitsu interested in crypto trading services, trademark application reveals

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Japanese technology giant Fujitsu has filed a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), revealing its intention to offer brokerage services for cryptocurrency transactions, among other cryptocurrency and non-cryptocurrency financial institutions. I made it

Fujitsu’s trademark application aims to register a new trademark “consisting of a horizontal S-shaped spiral over the stylized words FUJITSU, J and I”, as evidenced by official documents. I’m doing it. document Branding is dedicated to providing financial services such as deposit acceptance, loan financing, financial management, and cryptocurrency exchange.

The above logo is a trademark pending of Fujitsu. Source:

The image above represents the updated logo that Fujitsu intends to trademark to provide the service in question. Additionally, the snippet below shows Fujitsu’s disclosure of services to his USPTO, as well as his trademark claims.

Trademark application for Fujitsu’s cryptographic services. Source:

Fujitsu’s growing interest in web3 was evident in February when it launched a Web3 acceleration platform for startups and partners. The platform is intended to support the creation of a diverse ecosystem of Web3 applications across a variety of use cases such as digital content rights management, business transactions, contracts and processes.

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In early 2023, the Japanese financial regulator called on global regulators to introduce stricter banking rules for the cryptocurrency sector.

Mamoru Yanase, deputy director of the Financial Services Agency’s Strategic Planning Bureau, acknowledged that the problem is not with cryptocurrencies. “It is not cryptography per se that has caused the recent scandals,” he said, adding that “loose governance, lax internal controls, lack of regulation and oversight” are to blame.

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