Contributor Guidelines

Things to  know:

  1. Original Content Only: Your content must be original and not previously published. Even if it has only appeared on your blog or LinkedIn, it is still considered published. Reposting on is only allowed 30 days after initial article is published on, and you must include a link to the original article. (Failure to adhere will result in your article being removed from our site and your membership being suspended until it has been resolved)

  2. Word Count: Please ensure that your article has a minimum of 750 words.

  3. Subject Matter: is a news outlet and expects stories to revolve around trending news topics that have occurred within the past seven days. Investigative reporting is welcome.

  4. Expert Opinions: If you are a subject-matter expert, feel free to analyze a particular news story and provide your own opinions and takeaways. Avoid using exclamation points, ellipses, slashes, and ampersands, and capitalize only proper nouns.

  5. Grammar Usage: Every news story should include at least one link to another reputable news source that is relevant to the research. Please avoid using affiliate or promotional links, which can negatively impact the outlet’s ranking, indexing, and credibility.

  6. Linking Out: Always use internal links to other GallantCEO articles. Conflicts of interest are not permitted, so please avoid mentioning your own company in your articles.

  7. Internal Links: When submitting your article using WordPress, please contact your editor for instructions and guidelines.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your article is suitable for publication on GallantCEO and that it meets the high standards of a reputable news outlet.