HyperPlay game aggregator alpha launched, features in-built Web3 wallet

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HyperPlay, a Web3-native game launcher with a built-in crypto wallet, has announced the launch of early access.

The online game launcher was built in collaboration with crypto wallet provider MetaMask to integrate players’ crypto wallets with game libraries such as Epic Games Store, GOG (formerly Good Old Games) and their own HyperPlay Store .

Founded by former MetaMask operations leader JacobC.eth, the new platform does not charge developers fees and instead plans to rely on crypto services such as swaps and bridges to monetize the platform.

Alpha users of the newly launched platform can create new MetaMask wallets within the interface and also import existing wallets via the “Import” button.

Speaking to Cointelegraph, JacobC.eth said the wallet can be layered on top of the game, allowing users to quickly confirm transactions while playing.

According to a March 1 announcement, HyperPlay has launched its platform with 21 Web3 titles, including The Sandbox, Another World, Bionic Owl, DeFi Kingdoms, and Moonblasters. Additionally, since it is connected to both the Epic Games store and the GOG store, players can use it to launch games they own from those other platforms.

The platform’s founder told Cointelegraph that Web3 games are becoming disconnected from the platform and overloaded by major stores, so a new game aggregator is needed.

“Today, Web3 game developers have been cut off from their platforms by Apple, Steam, and Google, and these traditional Web2 stores also accept a 30% tax on every in-game action that developers take in the economy. A more competitive marketplace among game stores.”

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He also claims that the platform can provide players with a universal wallet that does not require them to Alt-Tab to exit the game each time they make a transaction.

“Hyperplay was built as a native desktop application that allows players to pass their wallet to every game they play. We want interoperability, unlicensed extensibility and great UX to be the default for Web3 games.” increase.”

JacobC.eth emphasized that HyperPlay is an alpha build and may not be stable. The team hopes to get feedback from playtesters to improve the product for a future full reveal.

According to a recent DappRadar report, gaming transactions accounted for nearly half of all blockchain activity in January. However, Web3 games still struggle to gain mainstream adoption due to the complex onboarding process. Square Enix recently announced that it will be making a major investment in blockchain technology as it believes it will be integral to the future of the gaming industry.