Meet the person who offered a comfy bed for ‘scrappy’ hackers during ETHDenver

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From February 24th to March 5th, thousands of developers, hackers, cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts gathered at the ETHDenver conference in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Lodging is limited in Colorado’s capital, Colorado, so many chose to escape the crowds and confined spaces at a ‘hacker house’. Sleep is optional there and networking is the goal.

Jessy organized the name behind one such house — Jessy’s Hacker House — and received donations from the ETHDenver conference and BUIDLWeek, a series of workshops and events and BUIDLathon where teams could compete for prizes and investments. Hosted 50 participants.

Jesse and co-host Waylon Jepsen met with Cointelegraph at one of their homes on February 28.

According to Hacker House organizers, she worked at a venture capital firm during the last ETHDenver conference in 2022. At this time, she posted on social media that many people based abroad were looking for a place to stay in Colorado’s capital. Like many who attended the 2022 event, Jesse and a guest at her home tested positive for her COVID-19, but were able to network and develop the project.

“My motivation before was, ‘Hey, they’re cool people. Let’s host them and get to know them,'” says Jessy. “For a long time it was a way for me to find my own co-founders and ideas I wanted to participate in.”

Jessy at one of the hacker houses at ETHDenver 2023

“The magic happens when you carry the most relevant people […] We have a diverse group of people. We have people who are very cryptonative, people who come from academia and do cryptography or certain research. […] We have freshmen as young as 19 and 18 who are just starting their careers. “

Four “hacker houses” scattered throughout the Denver metropolitan area were home to over 50 people and a few visitors during the week of the conference. About 300 tech-minded individuals, funded by blockchain industry sponsors and overseen by Jessy and Waylon, applied for a place to sleep at home and networking opportunities.

Hackerhouse guests working remotely

Jessy said there are some financial incentives for joining Hacker House (such as connecting with VCs and potential co-founders), but guests also personally benefit from the experience. I was able to

“You’re here to make long-term friends,” Jesse said. “The only model we really have is playing long-term games with long-term people.” I think part of the interview process is picking people who you think fit the vibe and who you think are real—the real crap in the space.”

View of the Rocky Mountains from the Hacker House rooftop

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ETHDenver ended on March 5th, but in the near future, other big conferences related to cryptocurrencies and wallets include Paris Blockchain Week and Consensus in Austin, Texas. ETHDenver did not release an official attendance figure at the time of publication, but over 30,000 were reported. Registered for a meeting.