DefiLlama resolves internal strife, sends LLAMA token plans alpaca’n

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Decentralized finance (Defi) analytics platform DefiLlama appears to have settled an internal dispute within its team that previously threatened a “fork” of the platform.

A potential problem with DefiLlama is that developer 0xngmi posted on Twitter on March 19 that DefiLlama issued a token called “LLAMA” without the approval or support of its employees and said, “We are undergoing a hostile takeover.” It was only made clear when he claimed that

In response, DefiLlama’s parent company “inaccurately alleges that its rightful owners are conducting a hostile takeover,” while “0xngmi and several team members” claim DefiLlama’s intellectual property. He accused them of “going rogue” for trying to seize it.

However, after just one day, the internal dispute seems to have reached a resolution.

In a Twitter thread on March 20, the DefiLlama team apologized for the fiasco, saying it was caused by “lack of communication and misunderstandings within the team” and clarified that no new tokens were planned.

“We want to put what happened on the back burner. There are no LLAMA tokens currently planned. As with all major decisions, airdrops will be discussed with the community. We will take steps to operate in a more transparent manner so that this does not happen again.”

0xngmi, the developer accused of “going rogue”, has confirmed that internal issues have been resolved and will continue to participate.

In a March 20 tweet, Oxngmi said, “Everything has been resolved, the fork has been canceled,” and “All work continues on DeFiLlama.”

Tendeeno, a contributor who mostly works on other projects under the umbrella of Llama Corp., also said after “back and forth,” the team resolved the issue and decided to run DefiLlama “as usual.” I confirmed that I did.

The contributor also assured everyone on the team that they were pleased with the results.

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The website that 0xngmi urged to switch to the community in a March 19th tweet now only redirects to the official DefiLlama platform.

DefiLlama is a multi-chain DeFi analytics platform, commonly known for providing data on total value locked (TVL) and trading volume on DeFi platforms.