Primordial NFT? Someone tried to sell a JPEG for BTC months before Bitcoin Pizza Day

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Cryptocurrency Twitter briefly went under fire on May 14 after suggesting that the world’s first real-life purchase with Bitcoin may have been a JPEG, not a pizza.

In a tweet by independent developer Woody Wertheimer, the bitcoin advocate may have been the first-ever purchase with bitcoin, predating the infamous bitcoin pizza. I shared a screenshot showing the stuff.

The screenshot dated January 24, 2010, four full months before Bitcoin Pizza Day. On this day, Bitcoin developer Laszlo Hanecz paid 10,000 bitcoins for two pizzas, widely considered the first real-world purchase made using bitcoin. .

The screenshot shows a user named Sabunir trying Sell ​​photos for 500 bitcoins (about $1 at the time) on Bitcointalk, a bitcoin forum.

The pseudonymous Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto involvement We help you sell successfully.

However, this claim has been questioned, with a tweet by professional poker player-turned-cryptocurrency investor Mike McDonald pointing to a screenshot suggesting the Bitcoin transaction could have been a donation. , which means that JPEG is not really “sold”.

In a subsequent tweet, Wertheimer acknowledged that the original tweet may have been inaccurate, saying Subneal did indeed put the JPEG up for sale at the price of 500 BTC, although he received the same amount at his address a month later. said, “It’s possible.” 500 BTC was sent as a donation for another exchange,” he said, stating that the JPEG sale never actually took place.

According to Wertheimer, it remains unclear what the 500 BTC was transferred for without direct confirmation from Sabneer.

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The rumor comes after the Bitcoin Ordinal Phenomenon, in which, at the time of this article’s publication, over 6.1 million images, videos, and even tokens were on the Bitcoin blockchain by the BRC-20 token standard. It has been confirmed that it was cast in

The total number of Bitcoin ordinal numbers. sauce: dune analysis

Since the creation of the Ordinals protocol by Casey Rodamor on January 21st of this year, Wertheimer has been a major proponent of Bitcoin NFTs, allowing users to “engrave” new data onto the Bitcoin blockchain. I was.

Since then, Wertheimer has worked to bring a new wave of NFT enthusiasts to Bitcoin through an Ordinals project called Taproot Wizards. Taproot Wizards gets its name from his fork of the Taproot software that allowed him to create the Ordinals protocol in the first place.

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