Intern for Gensler? SEC’s college traineeships start at $15 an hour

College students who want an internship with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are in luck. Regulators have opened his application for the Fall 2023 Scholars Program.

The SEC is looking for “student trainees” for business and law programs. apprentice At our Washington DC headquarters.

The lowest range of rates published in the Business Program is the current The minimum wage in Washington DC is $16.10.

However, most companies in the US are generally not legally recognized. obligated Pays the intern if the employment relationship meets the “principal beneficiary criteria” set forth in the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The SEC’s legal program also pays more generously. regional and Washington DC office Advertised between $23.47 and $35.27 per hour.

This program is open to currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students for a 10-week internship from August 28th to November 3rd.

Both programs are open in other US states for the regulator’s regional offices in locations such as California, Colorado, Florida, and Georgia. according to Go to job information.

Recruitment requirements for student trainees as part of a business program. sauce: USA Jobs

As part of the application, interested persons should select the lowest salary grade they are willing to accept for the position.

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According to the post, the SEC is looking for researchers in various research areas, such as blockchain, distributed ledger technology, computer science, or cybersecurity.

Last May, the SEC expanded its cyber division by nearly 50%. The unit consists of “Crypto Assets” and “Cyber” subdivisions to help monitor the sector and determine where to pursue enforcement actions.

If you are interested in training, please submit your application by April 3rd.